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Sermon: "Covenant Witnesses," Revelation 10. Christians often think of evangelism as "sharing your faith" or giving a "testimony" to what God has done for you. Those who are not Christians often dismiss it as "prosyletizing" or "imposing your beliefs" on others. The different perspectives on evangellism illustrate an aspect of witnessing that we don't often appreciate: our witnessing is specifically "covenant witnessing." An appreciation for the covenant of grace made with us in Jesus is foundational to true evangelism.




Sermon: "Christian Witness in a Post-Christian World," Isaiah 43. Pastor MacLaren speaks to contemporary challenges for Christian witnessing in a Post-Christian world given over to pagan spirituality and nature worship. How does the Christian testify to the great work of God in salvation in a culture that is thoroughly immanentist in its metaphysics?  This sermon is the introduction to a new series of sermons on Christian witnessing in the post-Christian West.

Special Music: "Angel Voices, Ever Singing," Trinity Hymnal #8. Pastor MacLaren with background vocals.



Worship Service:

Sermon: "Sola Dei Gloria!" Psalm 86. Pastor MacLaren concludes his series of messages on "The Five 'Solas' of the Reformation," considering "Soli Deo Gloria!" or "to God alone be the glory." This final 'Sola' captures the heart and motivation of the Reformation: the glory of God as opposed to the praise of men.


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "Solus Christus," John 14:6.

Special Music: "Wondrous King, All-Glorious," Trinity Hymnal #132.


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "Sola Gratia," Ephesians 2:1-10.

11/05/2017: No Video Available.




Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "Sola Scriptura," Matthew 15:1-9. A young German monk by the name of Martin Luther changed the history of western Europe and the world when he challenged the prevailing views of the Roman Catholic Church on indulgences. He posted 95 Theses on the church door of Wittenburg Castle for the purpose of debate, but little knew how this "little insurrection" would change the world. Watch as Pastor MacLaren explains the key concepts of the Reformation in his new series of messages, "The Five Solas of the Reformation" with this first sermon: "Sola Scriptura."

Confession of Faith: "The Last Judgment" WCF 33:1-3. "...People are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment," Hebrews 9:27 NIV. Scripture speaks with great certainty and clarity regarding the fact that when our life is finished in this world, we will then appear before God our Creator to face our judgment. Are you prepared to face this great Judge? The answer to that question is the most important decision you will ever have to make in life. Are you ready to meet your Creator?


Sermon Postscript: "The Covenant Relationship," Pastor MacLaren reviews his series of messages on the covenant of grace as it progressively unfolds in the pages of redemptive revelation.  In this video, he explores the heart of the covenant relationship and makes applications to our hearts from God's Word.

"Luther's 95 Theses: Pastor MacLaren introduces a new series of sermons on "The Five Solas of the Protestant Reformation," beginning October 29, 2017.


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "Grace and Truth," John 1:1-18. What does a baseball card have in common with the Covenant of Grace made between God and his people? In the grand scheme of things, very little, but it does open a window to the progress of redemptive history and revelation centered in Jesus Christ. Pastor MacLaren concludes his series on "The Covenant" by showing how the "new covenant" is rooted in the old and reflects a magnificent expansion into our own day.

Confession of Faith: "What Happens When I Die?" WCF 32:1-3. Speculation about what happens when we die is often settled with a shrug, but in the Scriptures of the Christian Faith God reveals what happens to us when we die. Watch as Pastor MacLaren explains this from the Westminster Confession of Faith's summary of Christian teachings.


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "King and Temple," 2 Samuel 7:1-17. Pastor MacLaren continues his series of messages on the Covenant of Grace by considering the covenant made with King David to set a son on his throne to rule forever.

Confession of Faith: "Synods and Councils," WCF 31:1-4.


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "Covenant Law and Love," Deuteronomy 6. In this video, Pastor MacLaren will show from the Scriptures that God’s law revealed through Moses is part of the unfolding Covenant of Grace God made with his people, and that the purpose of this law is to direct our hearts to a perfect love for God (Deuteronomy 6).


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "The Covenant Promise," Genesis 15. The patriarch Abram faced the same tension we face today between the promises of God and their fulfillment. The tension caused by the delay in their fulfillment raises questions about the truthfulness of God and become a challenge to our faith. Watch as Pastor MacLaren shows how God graciously dealt with Abram, and with us, to assure us that what He has spoken, that He will fulfill!

Special Music: "Come, For the Feast Is Spread," Trinity Hymnal #391. This beautiful hymn invites us to come to Jesus, whose abundant grace is more than sufficient to meet every need. Come Christian, come sinner, come one and all, for Jesus is your only plea!


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "A Fresh Start!" Genesis 9. When Noah stepped out of the ark after the flood waters receded, he saw a new world, but one with memories of the past, of violence and destruction. Having a fresh view of the devastating wrath of God against sin, what assurance could Noah have that something so fearful could happen again? God answers Noah through his covenant promise and assures him of his grace through the sign of the rainbow. Watch as Pastor MacLaren shows us how we should celebrate life in this new world....


Sunday Worship Service:

Special Music: "Master, the Tempest Is Raging," Trinity Hymnal #701. Pastor MacLaren. 

Sermon: "Grace from First to Last!" Genesis 3. The storm of the Lord's presence in judgment was met by our guilty first parents in the Garden of Eden, but there in the midst of judgment they found grace and mercy. Here in the dawn of our humanity, the Lord covenanted to bring a hero, a champion, who would overcome the evil of this world on our behalf, Jesus Christ the righteous one!!

Confession of Faith: "Church Censures," 

Congregational Hymn: "All Praise to God, Who Reigns Above," #4. 




Sermon: "The Master Plan," In the midst of the chaos around us, the church is comforted to know that there is a master plan at work, and it is designed to benefit the church of the Lord Jesus.


Sermon Postscript: "To My Baptist Brethren, An Open Letter on Baptism, Its Proper Mode and Recipients," This Sermon Postscript is an appeal to those who are members of Baptist, Bible Fellowship, Independent and Non-denominational Churches to consider the importance of baptism in their Christian experience. Consideration of who should be baptized and how that baptism should be properly administered may not seem to be vitally important, but Pastor MacLaren will show their importance to you and what Scripture has to say about this vital topic. 


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "Covenant Origins," John 17:1-10. In a culture where truth is lost in personal feelings and moral ambiguity, the notion of a "covenant" is scarcely to be found or appreciated. Yet to Reformed Christians, the "covenant" is a powerful, life-controlling concept. Arising from the Scriptures themselves, the covenants found in the Bible point us to the great covenant made within the Trinity that has formed the basis for all of history, and especially for the church. Watch as Pastor MacLaren shows the origins of this concept in the plan and decisions of God in eternity.

Confession of Faith: "Rome, Luther, Calvin, and the Lord's Supper," One might not think that there are any important differences about the nature of the Lord's Supper and the way it is observed by different branches of the Christian church. But as Pastor MacLaren will show, the differences are deep, profound, and go to the heart of the Christian gospel.

Congregational Hymn: "Holy, Holy, Holy," #87. The glory of God is central to the Christian faith and life. God is transcendent in his nature and attributes, and it is the joy of our congregation to worship the Lord in the fellowship of the cherebim and seraphim (Isaiah 6:1ff). May this congregational hymn from the Trinity Hymnal of the Orthdox Presbyterian Church be a blessing to you and yours....


Sunday Worship Service:

Part 1,

Part 2,

Sermon: "Our Covenant Mediator!"

Congregational Hymn: "Lord of the Worlds Above," Trinity Hymnal #302.

Congregational Hymn: "Zion, Founded on the Mountains," Trinity Hymnal #369.


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "King Jesus!" Luke 17:20-37. Americans have forgotten what it means to be subject to a king. Embedded with the rules of hierarchy and control, an earthly monarch may be quite formidable, and allied with our fallen human nature, the king is often but a step removed from tyranny. So why would Christianity affirm that Jesus is a king, and indeed, the King of kings and Lord of lords? Watch as Pastor MacLaren explains the nature of Christ's kingdom and distinguishes it from earthly kingdoms.

Congregational Hymn: "Lead On, O King Eternal," #488.

Sermon Postscript: "For Whom Did Christ Die?" Pastor MacLaren extends his consideration of the death of Christ as our substitute by asking the question, "For Whom Did Christ Die?" Many today read their Bibles simplistically and quickly conclude that Jesus died for everyone in the world who ever lived. It seems to be a pious notion, expressive of the great love of Jesus for lost mankind. However, Pastor MacLaren will show that it in fact leaves us with an ineffective Savior and a hopelessly lost mankind.


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "Transcendent Prayer," Romans 8:31-39. Who is praying for you? We may take comfort in knowing that family members and friends, and perhaps our church as well, are praying for us in a time of crisis--the loss of a loved one, a trip to the emergency room, the search for a job.... But wouldn't you also love to have someone who is very "spiritual" praying for you--perhaps a pastor or a godly saint? Some suggest we may pray to the saints who are dead or to Mary, the mother of Jesus, but the Bible tells us of someone far greater who is praying for his people. Watch as Pastor MacLaren speaks from one of the great texts of the Bible of the comfort we can have because of the One who prays for us!

Confession of Faith: "Sprinkling or Total Immersion?" OPC Confession of Faith 28:2-3. What is the proper mode of baptism? You have seen many churches who believed that those who are converted should be baptized by "immersion," where the pastor lowers the believer under water and then brings him up as a sign of their union with Christ in his death and resurrection. But is this the proper way to baptize? Why do Presbyterians and others baptize by sprinkling water on the head of the candidate for baptism? Watch as Pastor MacLaren explains what the bible says about the mode of baptism in this morning homily 


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "The Final Sacrifice for Sin," Hebrews 9:11-15. Few dispute the fact that Jesus of Nazareth was crucified on a Roman cross in first century Palestine. The significance of that death, however, is strongly disputed by the Roman Catholic mass, the Liberal Protestant pastor, and the Reformed faith. The Scriptures however are quite plain and united in their testimony to the nature of Christ's death on the cross, and its impact on our eternal destiny.

Confession of Faith: "Baptism and Union with Christ," OPC Confession of Faith 28:1. Have you been baptised in a Christian church? What does that mean to you? How has that baptism shaped your life? There is a lot of confusion among Christians on this sacrament of the church, with some seeing it as an empty rite of initiation while others see it rather mechanically as a converting ordinance. Pastor MacLaren shows that at the heart of baptism is our union with Christ in his death on our behalf. Once we grasp this gracious principle of life through death, we will understand what God intended to teach us through the sacrament


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "The Mediator Appointed and Equipped," Hebrews 6:19-7:1. We don't think often about our need for a priest, except perhaps for a worship service or weddings and funerals if we follow a Roman Catholic tradition. Actually, the old order of the priesthood has been done away with the death of Jesus Christ, and the Bible points us now to Jesus, our Great High Priest, who represents us before God today. Watch as Pastor MacLaren explains how it is possible that Jesus became a priest, though he did not come from the line of Aaron and the Levites.

Confession of Faith: "The Number of the Sacraments," OPC Confession of Faith 27:4-5. Pastor MacLaren explains why we hold to only two sacraments, baptism and the Lord's Supper, as opposed to others who say there are seven sacraments.


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "Jesus: The First and Final Prophet," Deuteronomy 18:9-22. Who do you follow for direction and guidance in life? While some today feel sufficient in themselves to chart their own destiny, many look to a guru or a prophet for guidance. The Bible tells us of many prophets, some true and faithful, others treacherous and deceitful, but standing above and beyond them all is Jesus, the Word of God. Watch as Pastor MacLaren shows how Jesus is the first and final prophet of the church, and warns us against following modern "prophets" who deny the gospel and lead many to destruction.

Congregational Hymn: "Blessed Jesus, At Thy Word," Trinity Hymnal #220.


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "Transcendent Deity, Sinless Humanity," Hebrews 1:1-14. Despite the flattering language that seems to be directed to Jesus in modern pulpits, there are two things that many cannot accept: 1.) that Jesus was a sinlessly perfect man, and 2.) that he is distinctly and uniquely God, qualitatively different from anyone else. So many speak of Jesus as "the first Christian," a "good teacher" and a "good moral example," but none of these is true if he is not transcendently divine and sinlessly human. Watch as Pastor MacLaren shows how the Bible testifies to the unique nature of Jesus and why that is so important to us today.

Confession of Faith: "The Means of Grace," OPC Confession of Faith 27:2-3. Do you know the significance of the sacraments? What actually happens when we take part in the sacraments, and who is authorized to serve them? Finally, would a Reformed Church recognize a Roman Catholic baptism as legitimate, or would someone need to be baptized again to join a reformed Church? These and other questions are considered in this video by Pastor MacLaren


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "The Mediator Appointed and Equipped," Hebrews 5:1-10. If the divide between God and Mankind is so great, both ethically and metaphysically, who from the side of mankind can reconcile men with God?

Confession of Faith: "Signs and Seals," OPC Confession of Faith 27:1. What is a sacrament? You might be aware that sacraments have something to do with religious services and you might even be able to identify a couple of things that some believe to be "sacraments," but do you really understand what they are and why they are important?

Congregational Hymn: "I Greet Thee, Who My Sure Redeemer Art," Trinity Hymnal #135.


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "The Great Divide," Ephesians 2:11-22. There is a great divide that is only expanding across our culture and around the world. Assassinations are contemplated and even attempted. Nations are on the brink of war or fully engaged in war. Terrorism abounds. Divorces break up marriages and families. and same sex attraction divide the sexes from each other. Anger heats the conflict and hostility hardens the edge of the divide, making reconciliation almost unthinkable. Yet, we often know little of how truly deep the divide is, or how it may be overcome. Watch as Pastor MacLaren measures the breadth of this great divide, and points to the only remedy available, the remedy of the cross of Jesus.

Special Music: "Only Trust Him!" Trinity Hymnal #724 


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "Jesus Our Mediator," 1 Timothy 2:1-7. From the dawn of human history, we have understood that something is wrong, that we are distant from God, and need help to heal that relationship. So human altars are filled with sacrifices to anything and anyone we consider "God," some have even made an altar to "The Unknown God." These efforts however have ended in futility and confusion, with ever deeper feelings of despair. But God has been pleased to respond to our plight and provided a Mediator to obtain peace for us with God. Watch as Pastor MacLaren begins a new series of messages on "Jesus, Our Mediator."

Sermon Short: "The Best Message in the World!" The gospel message in all of its fullness and clarity is the best message in the world, the only answer to the current confusion and darkness of modern religions and philosophies. Those who understand the nature of that message have every motivation to share it with everyone! Watch the conclusion of Pastor MacLaren's sermon, "Jesus Our Mediator,"


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "The Strong City," Isaiah 26:1-15. Our modern cities have done much to provide security for their people, everything from security cameras to security services. Even so, we are still very vulnerable, as the people of Manchester, England, sadly had to learn. There is no ultimate security in the cities of Man, but there is a city that is absolutely secure. Watch as Pastor MacLaren shows what Isaiah prophesied about this city in his day, and learn how you may enter this city even today!

Sermon Short: "The Lost Boy and Amazing Grace." A young boy is wandering aimlessly on a neighborhood street, soaking wet from a pouring rain, and can't find his way home. His story reveals some important lessons on how God rescues us from the troubles of life. This video is taken from the conclusion of Pastor MacLaren's sermon, "The Strong City of God," with the text of Isaiah 26 as its background.

Special Music: "O Lord of Hosts, How Lovely...," Trinity Hymnal #305. 

Confession of Faith: "Communion of the Saints," WCF 26:1. 


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "The Spirit's Prayers," Romans 8:18-30. Did you know that not only do you as a believer in Jesus have Jesus in heaven praying for you, but also his Spirit praying for you on earth? Watch as Pastor MacLaren speaks on the mystery of the Spirit's prayers on our behalf.

Special Music: "His Eye Is on the Sparrow," Trinity Hymnal #725. What a comfort to know that God watches over the sparrows of the field! Jesus used this simple observation to comfort his disciples in their days of trouble and distress. If God so watches over the little sparrows, will he not also watch over you?

Confession of Faith: "The 'Pope' and the Church," WCF 25:6. "Who's in charge here?" That's a key question to ask of any organization or business. Businesses and governments run best when there are clear lines of authority and everyone understands their role. Is it any different in the church? In one respect, no! There is someone in charge, but unfortunately, there are many who claim to be in charge when in fact they are not! There is only one person in charge in the Church, and it might not be who you think it is!


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "The Spirit's Word," 1 Corinthians 2:10b-16. In this fourth sermon in the series, "Reformed Spirituality," Pastor MacLaren speaks on the relationship between the Spirit of God and the Word of God, and how it is that the Spirit may disclose the nature and will of God in the pages of Scripture.

Special Music: "Look, Ye Saints, The Sight Is Glorious," Trinity Hymnal #217. What a beautiful vision this hymn paints of our risen Lord Jesus enthroned in the splendor of heaven, receiving the worship and adoration of both saints and angels.

Congregational Hymn: "Come, O Come, Thou Quick'ning Spirit," Trinity Hymnal #247. The congregation of First Presbyterian Church in Perkasie, PA ( sang this majestic prayer to the Spirit of God seeking his presence and blessing in worship.

Confession of Faith: "The 'Visible' Church," WCF 25:3-5. The Church of the Lord Jesus is "more or less visible" and "more or less pure" in this age. The Confession reminds us that some churches have so degenerated that they are no longer a true church. Pastor MacLaren explains what the confession of faith means and encourages you to be a part of a true church, one that faithfully proclaims the gospel of the Lord Jesus to a dying and corrupt world.


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "The Spirit-Filled Life," Ephesians 5:18. In this third sermon in the series, "Reformed Spirituality," Pastor MacLaren considers the nature of a spiritual life. While many in the Evangelical community seek a higher spiritual life through Spirit baptism with tongues, Pastor MacLaren explains the true nature of a Spirit-filled life in this sermon from Ephesians 5:18.


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "Jesus the Life Giving Spirit," 1 Corinthians 15:45.

Homily: "The Catholic Church," OPC Confession of Faith 25:1-2.

Outreach: "Are You Filled with the Spirit?" Here is your invitation to come to our services on May 7, 2017, as Pastor MacLaren continues his new series of sermons on "Reformed Spirituality."


Sunday Worship Service:

Sermon: "Foundations for a Reformed Spirituality," John 4:19-26. Eastern pantheistic spiritualities have been at work within American culture and churches for 50 years now, leaving moral decay and confusion in their wake. Many have unwittingly adopted elements of the pantheistic belief system , and some have abandoned true Christianity entirely. In this video, Pastor MacLaren explains the nature of these spiritualities and contrasts them with a "Reformed" or true spirituality as defined by Jesus in the gospel of John.

Special Music: "Wondrous King All-Glorious," Trinity Hymnal #132.

Confession of Faith: "Is a Divorce Permissible?" WCF 24:5-6.  Marriage is the foundation of a culture and the source of much happiness. Yet sometimes things go wrong, a partner is unfaithful, and the relationship is in ruins. Is it permissible to seek a divorce? What are the circumstances where that would be possible? Can we marry again? Watch as Pastor MacLaren explains some of these difficult things in this homily on the Westminster Confession of Faith, 24:5-6


"Easter Sunday" Worship Service:

Sermon: "The Galilean King," Matthew 28:1-20.

Congregational Hymn Medley: "Our Risen King," Sing to the Lord Hymnal.

Sermon Postscript: "Jewish and National Missions." When Jesus stood on a mountain in "Galilee of the Gentiles," and commisseioned his church to "make disciples of all the nations," was he signalling an end to Christian missions to the Jews? Has God forgotten the Jewish people and put them to the side until the very end of world history, or does he still have a purpose to save many of them? Further, what did Jesus truly mean by discipling the "nations." Did he intend to have "victory on earth" by establishing a great multitude of nations that covenant themselves to be Christian nations? Pastor MacLaren explores these topics as a further commentary to the sermon, "Jesus: the Galilean King," (Matthew 28:1-20).


New Sermon Series Invitation: "'Reformed' Spirituality." As our western world is increasingly subject to the powerful forces of eastern mysticism and paganism, forces that influence the church, our government, major businesses, the entertainment industry, etc., how will we respond? Will we passively accept the relativizing of all truth claims and the monistic unity of all reality, or will we develop a true spirituality, a Christian mysticism, that alone can stand against this and resist it? Visit First Presbyterian Church OPC as Pastor MacLaren begins a new sermon series addressing these important considerations. Your culture, your family, your very existence may depend upon it.


"Palm Sunday" Worship Service:

Sermon: "Paganism in Israel?" Jeremiah 44. 

Congregational Hymn: "All Glory, Laud, and Honor," Trinity Hymnal #173

Special Music: "Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted," Trinity Hymnal #192.  Pastor Rich MacLaren and the congregation of First Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Perkasie, PA, sing this powerful, moving hymn meditating on the death of Jesus on the cross.

Commentary: "The Death of Christ." As we enter "Holy Week," do you know why Jesus died on the cross?  Did he die as a political revolutionary, a religious zealot, or a benighted fool? Or was there something else at work, something so profound and significant that it would forever change world history? Watch as Pastor MacLaren explains the meaning of Christ's death, and what it must mean for  you.

Special Invitation: "Hymns for 'Holy Week!'" Your invitation to join the congregation of First Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Perkasie, PA to sing the great hymns of the Christian faith focusing on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Worship Service:

Sermon Invitation:

Sermon: "Not One Square Inch!" Jeremiah 43.  Refugees from the Jewish homeland thought they could find a place of peace and safety in Egypt, in direct opposition to God's word given through the prophet Jeremiah.  On the surface, it seemed like a reasonable solution, but the prophet Jeremiah reminds them that there is no place of safety outside the will of God. Watch as Pastor MacLaren shows how God reveals his sovereignty over all through the acts of a pagan king.


Worship Service:

Sermon: "Stay Right Here!" Jeremiah 41:13-42:22.  If God were to tell you exactly what you should do in any given moment, would you do what he says? Don't assume that you would. The Jews in the days of Jeremiah the prophet were given clear instruction on what was God's will for them, but since it didn't match with what they wanted to do, they did their own thing in the end. In the conflict between the will of God and what appeals to us, which would you choose? Watch as Pastor MacLaren shows how we need the work of Jesus to change our hearts and enable us to believe and obey God's will.

Sermon Snippets: "Waiting for God," Jeremiah 42:4-7. Have you ever had to wait for something you really wanted? We don't like to wait, and we often push ahead and pursue something that we really are not ready for. The Jewish remnant in the days of Jeremiah the prophet sought the Lord's guidance in a very important, urgent decision. Jeremiah pledged to give them God's response as soon as he received it, but they had to wait, and wait, and wait, until God replied. Why? Listen as Pastor MacLaren explains why this happens during his sermon on March 26, 2017.

Sermon Snippets: "Stay Right Here!" Jeremiah 42:4-7. Our restless hearts are quick to move away from God and His Word. We are tempted continually to think that we would be so much better off if we just did things our own way. Pastor MacLaren reminds us of what we need to do in the light of God's greater kingdom.

Confession of Faith: "Forbidden Marriages," WCF 24:3-4. You might at first be surprised to hear a contemporary pastor saying that some marriages are "forbidden." That's especially true today as modern societies are systematically dismantling the "institution" of marriage and suggesting that "anything goes as long as you 'love' your partner." The Bible, and the Confession of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, opposes such modern notions and points us to God's standard for a blessed marriage.

Special Music: "God Himself Is With Us," Trinity Hymnal #315

Outreach Video: "What Is the Reformed Faith?" You might be confused by the many varieties of Christian faith present in the Pennridge Community. What is the difference between them, and does it really matter? Despite the variety of denominations present, there are some common, basic differences among them.  Pastor MacLaren explains the core religious commitments of the Reformed Faith, and argues that it is the most consistent expression of pure Christianity.

Sermon Postscript: "Stay Right Here!" Rev. MacLaren.  Pastor MacLaren considers the nature of evil in the human heart, the inability of moralistic preaching to resolve that evil on its own, and the Christo-centric nature of Scripture, based on the sermon text of Jeremiah 42.


Worship Service:

Sermon Invitation: "A Definite 'Maybe'!!" Jeremiah 40

Sermon: "A Humble Life," Jeremiah 40:1-41:3.


No videos


Worship Service:

Sermon Advertisement: "True Friends!"

Outreach Video: "The Worship Wars." The one essential purpose of a church is to lead us in the worship of God. But how shall we do that? There have been many different answers to that critical question, and people tend to gravitate to what appeals to them most, whether it is a contemporary form of worship or a traditional form. Pastor MacLaren talks about this and shows that a deeper concern for worship is whether we are worshipping the Lord in Spirit an din Truth.


Worship Service:

Sermon: "The Other Ethiopian Eunuch," Jeremiah 38.


Sermon Postscript: "Calvin, Revolution, and Rescue Missions,"

Outreach Video: "What Is an 'Orthodox Presbyterian Church?'"


Worship Service:

Sermon: "God's Remedy for Self-Deception," Jeremiah 37.

Sermon Postscript: "God's Remedy...."

Invitation to a Life Transformation Bible Study:


Worship Service:

Sermon: "The Written Word of God," Jeremiah 36.


Worship Service:

Sermon: "Honor Your Father," Jeremiah 35.


Worship Service:

Sermon: "True Freedom in Jesus!" Jeremiah 34.

Special Music: "Beneath the Cross of Jesus," Trinity Hymnal #177


Worship Service:

Sermon: "Jesus, the New Priest/King of the Covenant," Jeremiah 33:14-26.

Congregational Hymn: "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty," Trinity Hymnal #50


Worship Service:

Sermon: "Fortunes Reversed," Jeremiah 33:1-15.

Special Music: "Beneath the Cross of Jesus," Trinity Hymnal #177

Sermon Postscript: "Symbols and Types," Rev. MacLaren

Part 1:; Part 2:

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