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Our Congregation


Have you been away from church for a long time, and perhaps feel it would be hypocritical to come back? Perhaps you feel there are things in your life that you are not proud of and would disqualify you from sitting in a worship service. Some have grown up in a church, but left it to pursue their marriage, family, and career choices, thinking that church had little relevance for them. There is a way for you to come back however to a right relationship with God and a godly life. It isn't by attempting to reform your life and make the improvements that you think are appropriate. No, it begins with a genuine repentance for sin and a fresh view of the mercy of God.


Our congregation draws members and friends from a radius of about 45 minutes drive from Perkasie. We have a wide range of ages and backgrounds, and through them we have joined together to proclaim the great salvation accomplished for us by Jesus Christ. It is our desire to lead everyone to faith in Jesus so that they might receive God's free gift of eternal life. We have a great time of fellowship together, and are eager for new friends to join with us. You will find a loving church home with us, a place of peace and joy for your family, centered on God's holy word.


Our faith is rooted in the Reformed tradition of the Christian church. We believe in a full and precise confession of faith in Jesus Christ, rooted and developed from the Scriptures, which we believe to be the very Word of God, inspired and inerrant in its original "autographa" (original documents). We seek to develop our understanding of the Scriptures through the preaching of the Word of God, preaching that proclaims the whole counsel of God for salvation and for daily spiritual growth. We see the person and work of Jesus in every text of Scripture, both old and new testaments, and desire to know him more and more. This faith is as relevant today as when it was first penned, because it is the Word of God addressing our fallen human nature. Our messages begin with current events and lead us ultimately to a deeper knowledge of God.


Our worship services are designed to glorify the Lord who has redeemed us and to build a strong, mature, and growing faith in Jesus. Our presbyterian church government is designed to reinforce and build this faith among our members, protecting the church from unbelief and ungodliness, while strengthening the unity of the congregation. We are also committed to advancing God's kingdom in every area of life. We wish to see our homes, churches, schools, businesses, recreations, culture, governments and nation reformed by God's Word and Spirit. Jesus Christ is Lord of all, and to him belongs our complete devotion and faithful service.


Our ministry has been effective in reaching beyond our four walls to the ends of the earth. We have a very strong online presence, with websites on Facebook, YouTube, and GodTube. Since we began posting videos online of our sermons and worship services, we have had over half a million views since July of 2008. Most importantly, those who attend our services receive a warm welcome and feel like they are part of a family. You are accepted for who you are, and together we intend to grow and mature in our faith in Christ. Our members enjoy our worship services, which follow a traditionally Reformed approach to worship. Our hymns are reverent and edifying, building an informed faith in the Lord Jesus. Our preaching is personal and powerful, proclaiming the Word of God for our modern world. The whole service is ruled and governed by the Scriptures, the final authority for faith and life. Everyone is welcome to attend, no matter what your background or beliefs. We hope you will come and learn about how God wants you to live and that you receive the answers to your questions about life.


Our children are vital to our future. Our worship services are designed to help our children mature in their faith, and lead those who still need the Savior to see his work for them at the cross. Our hymns are traditional and reflect the great history of the Christian church. They will provide our children with a deeper reflection on faith in Christ than is often found in more contemporary praise songs, and nurture within them a disciplined mind that is not swayed by the emotions of an uptempo beat. The melodies and harmonies in our hymns are consistent with congregational singing and not performance based. The composers for the hymns include some of the great composers of history, including Haydn, Bach, Schubert, Mozart, and others. Your child will not only be raised as a thoughtful believer prepared to take on the challenges of a secular, pluralistic, entertainment-based culture, but also have an introduction to great music as well. Our Sunday School will give children a firm foundation for their faith, showing Christ in every page of Scripture. We encourage parents to have devotions regularly in their homes, praying with their children and reading the Scriptures with them as well. As our children grow, we hope to encourage them to form godly families of their own so that the generations to come may confess the name of Jesus to the glory of God.


Read about our Celebration of One Hundred Years of Continuous Ministry in the Pennridge Community as recorded in the Perkasie News Herald:



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