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2021 Ministry Videos

December 16
   Reformed Fellowship: "Christianity and Modern Science,"

   Bible Study: "The Soul and the Afterlife,"
   Reformed Fellowship: "The Christian Counter-Attack,"

October 31
   Worship Service: Rev. Shaw preaching on "Soli Deo Gloria."

September 26
   Sermon: "Led by the Spirit," Exodus 13:17ff.
   Shorter Catechism: "Listening to God's Word," #90.
   Bible Study: "Salvation from Sin?"
   Reformed Fellowship: "The God Who Saves,"   Reformed Fellowship

September 19
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "Redemption Remembered," Exodus
   Shorter Catechism: "Effective Preaching," #89.

September 12
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "Delivered," Exodus 12:43ff.,

   Shorter Catechism: "The Means of Grace," #88. 
   Reformed Fellowship: "Where is God?"

September 5, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "The Night Watchman," Exodus 12:21-42,
   Shorter Catechism: "True Repentance," #87. 
   Bible Study: "Mystery and Faith,"

August 29, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "Sincerity and Truth," Exodus 12:14-20, 
   Shorter Catechism: "True Repentance," #87.
August 22, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "The Lord's Passover," Exodus 12:1-13.
   Catechism: "The Way of Escape," SC#85.
   Reformed Fellowship: "Depression as Suffering,"

   Bible Study: "The Resurrection of Jesus,"

August 15, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "The Firstborn Son," Exodus 11:.
   Catechism: "The Way of Escape," SC#85.
   Reformed Fellowship:","
   Bible Study: "Bare Theism,"

August 8, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "The Sons of Light," Exodus 10:21-29.
   Catechism: "The Wages of Sin," SC#84-85.
   Bible Study: "The Trinity and Miracles,"
   Reformed Fellowship:"How Depression Feels,"

August 1, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "Your Children & Grandchildren,"
   Bible Study: "The End of History,"
   Reformed Fellowship: "Looking Up from the Stubborn Darkness,"

July 25, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "Lord of the Heavens," Exodus 9:13-35.
   Catechism: "Perfection Impossible," SC #82-83.
   Bible Study: "Why Believe in Jesus," Pt. 2.
   Reformed Fellowship:  "Humility and Joy,"

July 18, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "The Lord of the Earth," Exodus 8:16-32. Pastor MacLaren.
   Catechism: "Contentment in Life," SC #79-81. Pastor MacLaren.

July 11, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "The One Greater Than the Nile River," Exodus 7:14-8:15
   Bible Study: "Why Believe in Jesus?" Pt. 1.
   Reformed Fellowship:

July 4, 2021

   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "Signs and Wonders," Exodus 6:28-7:13. Pastor MacLaren.
   Bible Study:
   Reformed Fellowship:

June 20, 2021
   Worship Service:

June 13, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Funeral Service: Ella Marie MacLaren, charter member of First OPC Perkasie, mother of Pastor MacLaren.

June 6, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "Name, Covenant, and Promise," Exodus 6:1-13, Pastor MacLaren.
   Reformed Fellowship:

May 30, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "The Last Straw," Exodus 5:1-23. 
   Catechism: "Chastity," Shorter Catechism #70-72.
   Bible Study: "Reasoning in a Circle," Pastor MacLaren.

   Reformed Fellowship: "God's Design for Marriage,"
   Reformed Fellowship: "Male Friendships,"

May 23, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "My Firstborn Son," Exodus 4:18-31. Pastor MacLaren.
   Reformed Fellowship: "Strengthening Faith," Pastor MacLaren.
   Bible Study: "Internal Evidence for the Bible," Pastor MacLaren.

May 16, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Reformed Fellowship:
"The Voice of Command," Pastor MacLaren,
   Bible Study: "Why Believe in the Bible?" Pastor MacLaren

May 9, 2021
   Reformed Fellowship:
"How to Discipline Your Child," Pastor MacLaren.         
   Reformed Fellowship:
"Men and Family Discipline," 
   Bible Study: "Worldview Christianity," Pastor Rich MacLaren.

May 2, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "The Burning Bush," Exodus 3:1-12. Pastor MacLaren,
   Reformed Fellowship: "A Child's Development," Pastor MacLaren
   Bible Study: "How to Share Your Faith," Pastor MacLaren.

April 25, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "Insurrection and Exile," Exodus 2:11-25. Pastor MacLaren.
   Bible Study:  "The Nature of Evangelism," Pastor MacLaren.

April 18, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "Moses!" Exodus 2:1-10. Pastor MacLaren.
   Catechism: "Sunday Worship," SC #60. Pastor MacLaren,
   Reformed Fellowship: "Read, Pray, Work, Play!" Pastor MacLaren.

April 11, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "Prosperity, Oppression, & the Fear of God," Ex. 1. Pastor MacLaren.
   Catechism: "The First Day Sabbath," SC#59. Pastor MacLaren.
   Bible Study: "Prayer & Fellowship," Pastor MacLaren.
   Reformed Fellowship: "Raising a Christian Family," Pastor MacLaren.

April 4, 2021 Easter Sunday
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "Honor, Power, & Glory," 1 Corinthians 15:35-58, Pastor MacLaren.
   Bible Study: "The Lord's Supper," Pastor MacLaren.
   Reformed Fellowship: "God's Design for Marriage,"

March 28, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "The Self Disclosures of God," Genesis 45:1-15.
   Bible Study: "Infant Baptism Explained," Pastor MacLaren.
   Reformed Fellowship: "God's Design for Marriage,"

March 21, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "Inheritance & Eschatology," Genesis 49:1-28. Pastor MacLaren.
   Catechism: "Providence & God's Law," Shorter Catechism #55-56. Pastor MacLaren.
   Bible Study: "Spiritual Growth: Scripture & Sacrament," Pastor MacLaren.
   Reformed Fellowship: "A Husband's Love," Pastor MacLaren.

March 14, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "Adoption and Inheritance," Genesis 48. Pastor MacLaren.
   Catechism: "Reverent Worship," Shorter Catechism #53-54. Pastor MacLaren.
   Bible Study: "The 'Five Points' of Calvinism," Pastor MacLaren.
   Reformed Fellowship: "The Curse Enumerated," Pastor MacLaren.

March 7, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "Final Wishes," Genesis 47, Pastor MacLaren.
   Bible Study: "Strength for the Journey,"
   Reformed Fellowship: "God's Design for Marriage,"

February 28, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "The Promise of Goshen," Genesis 46:26ff. Pastor MacLaren.
   Bible Study: "Presbyterian & Reformed," Pastor Rich MacLaren.
   Reformed Fellowship: "The 'Curse' and Marriage," Pastor MacLaren.

February 21, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "The Lord Will Provide," Genesis 45:1-15.
   Bible Study: "The True Church," Pastor MacLaren.
   Reformed Fellowship: "How to Love," Pastor MacLaren.

February 14, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "The Self Disclosures of God," Genesis 45:16-46:7.
   Catechism: "TRUE WORSHIP," Pastor MacLaren, Shorter Catechism #49-50.
   Bible Study: "Strength for the Journey,"
   Reformed Fellowship: "Suitable Yet Different!" Pastor MacLaren.

February 7, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "The Cup of the Lord," Genesis 44.
   Bible Study: "Social Justice,"

January 31, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "Hints from Heaven," Genesis 43, Pastor MacLaren.
   Catechism: "The Creator or the Creature,"
   Reformed Bible Study Fellowship: "The First Four Commandments,"
   Reformed Fellowship:

January 24, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "Uncertainty and Integrity," Genesis 43.
   Bible Study: 
   Reformed Fellowship: "Leadership as Shepherding,"
January 17, 2021
   Worship Service:
   Sermon: "A Crisis of Heart," Genesis 42, Pastor MacLaren.
   Catechism: "The Preface to God's Law," Shorter Catechism #43-44.
   Bible Study: "The Meaning of Faith,"
   Reformed Fellowship: "Christian Leadership,"
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