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2015 Worship Videos

2015 Worship Videos



Complete Worship Service:


Sermon:  "The Alpha and the Omega," Revelation 1:1-8. Can you imagine describing anyone, whether it is a friend, a celebrity, or a statesman, in such absolute categories that the apostle John used to describe Jesus Christ, as the "Alpha and Omega?" Surely one who walked with Him for over three years, ate meals and conversed with him, would not describe Him as the Alpha and Omega, unless there was no other way possible to describe Jesus. Watch as Pastor MacLaren shows from Scripture that Jesus is indeed the Alpha and Omega of God's works of Revelation, Creation, and Redemption.


New Year Hymn Sing:  "The Sands of Time Are Sinking," "Jerusalem the Golden," "A Few More Years Shall Roll," Trinity Hymnal #599, 604, 609,


Catechism: "Faith and Credibility," WCF 14:2. Pastor MacLaren explains the nature of Saving Faith from the Westminster Confession of Faith.




Complete Worship Service:


Sermon:  "God's Free Gift," Romans 5:12-21. Pastor MacLaren shows how humanity is represented by two historical figures from human history: our first parent Adam, and the "second Adam," Jesus Christ. Each are responsible, beyond anyone else in history, for transforming human life: the first, from a state of innocence to that of guilt, and the second, from the state of guilt to positive righteousness. Jesus not only reversed the impact of the sin of Adam, he secured far better things for us than what Adam ever knew.


Christmas Hymn Medley:  "O Little Town of Bethlehem," "Silent Night," "To Us a Child of Hope Is Born," Trinity Hymnal #152, 161, 163,




Complete Worship Service:


Sermon:  "Faith in the Hour of Affliction," Jeremiah 10:17-26. Do you have a "bug-out bag?" In times of national emergency or disaster, it may be wise to be ready to move quickly by having a bag set aside with necessities, like water, food, fire, blankets, bandages, etc. It was shocking for those in Jerusalem in the days of the prophet Jeremiah to hear him advise them to prepare their "bug-out bag." Disaster was at hand and soon they would need to flee the city. Watch as Pastor MacLaren shows from the experience of God's people in an ancient day how we can learn to live humbly in faith in our times of affliction.


Hymn of Faith:  "Wondrous King All-Glorious," Trinity Hymnal #132,




Complete Worship Service:


Sermon:  "The True and Living God," Jeremiah 10:1-16.


Confession of Faith: "Of Saving Faith," WCF 14:1.




Complete Worship Service:


Sermon:  "Something to Boast About?" Jeremiah 9: 17-26.


Confession of Faith: "Spiritual Warfare," WCF 13:2-3.




Complete Worship Service:


Sermon:  "Explaining History," Jeremiah 9:7-17.


Confession of Faith: "Sanctification," WCF 13:1.




Complete Worship Service:


Sermon: "The Line of Despair," Jeremiah 8:14-9:6. The late Dr. Francis Schaeffer spoke of developments in western history whereby our culture passed over a "line of despair" in view of the collapse of a Christian consensus. This occurred in Europe around 1890 and in the USA by about 1935. Watch as Pastor MacLaren shows how those who abandon Christian faith and embrace a humanistic or pagan world view find a sense of despair that ultimately permeates all of life.


Confession of Faith: "Adopted Sons and Daughters," WCF 12:1.  




Complete Worship Service:


Sermon: "The Marks of Apostasy," Jeremiah 8:4-13. Western Civilization is over," wrote Kevin Swanson. "It should go without saying that cultural Christianity has faded in both Europe and North America. This means that the majority of people in these lands have given up on both the Christian faith and the culture that must always accompany faith." The apostasy that has overcome the western world is nothing new. The church has experienced such things throughout its existence. Watch as Pastor MacLaren shows from Jeremiah 8:4-13 how you can distinguish between the true believer and the apostate, and what to do to prevent apostasy in your own life.




Complete Worship Service:


Sermon: "Seeing Jesus," Luke 19:1-10.


Sermon Postscript: "The Saving Mission of Jesus," Luke 19:1-10. The story of Zacchaeus as told by Luke in his gospel (19:1-10) sheds light on the central mission of Jesus, which is "to seek and to save the lost." Pastor MacLaren explains what Luke meant by "save" and "salvation," distinguishes it from modern humanistic notions of "salvation," and comments further on the significance of "seeing Jesus" for Christians today. This postscript expands on the sermon preached the previous Sunday, November 1, 2015, "Seeing Jesus.



Complete Worship Service:


Sermon: "Doing the Unthinkable," Jeremiah 7:30-8:3. It might take a lot to shock people in our modern world. From ever more graphic horror films to YouTube videos of ISIS terrorists beheading and torturing Christians, our world has seen some pretty grisly things. Not to be outdone, the ancient world also had its atrocities, and the prophet Jeremiah was called upon to speak out against one particularly repugnant religious ritual that some thought was a most pious and devout practice. Watch as Pastor MacLaren shows how such things continue in our modern world, and points us to the gospel of Jesus and the dramatic contrast produced by the Christian faith.



Complete Worship Service:


Sermon: "The Queen of Heaven," Jeremiah 7:17-29. Your religious beliefs, however vague and ill-defined they might be, will shape your life in a comprehensive way, either for blessing or for misery. The prophet Jeremiah made that point in his day when his people were worshiping the "Queen of Heaven" and other gods, then appearing in God's temple for worship as well. This sort of spiritual alchemy was destructive then, and it remains so today. Some in our modern world want to re-introduce the pagan deities of the past, either in outright worship of Isis or Sophia, or in the trappings of Christianity. We need to heed the warning of the apostle John, "Little children, keep yourselves from idols."



Complete Worship Service:


Sermon: "It Can't Happen Here!" Jeremiah 7:1-16. The great American novelist Sinclair Lewis wrote a satirical novel warning America during the 1930's against the rise of corporate fascism along the lines of what was taking place in Hitler's Germany. Many think that the USA is immune to the kinds of evils that took place under Nazi Socialism, but with politicians like Bernie Sanders openly advocating for socialism, perhaps we should re-consider our ways. There is always a danger of self-deception, and the prophet Jeremiah warned the people of his day against their foolish reliance on their religious traditions and rituals. Watch as Pastor MacLaren shows from Jeremiah 7:1-16 how God calls us to covenant faithfulness.



Worship Service Highlights:


Sermon: "Ancient Paths!": There are many paths to take in life, and some suggest that all paths lead to God. The prophet Jeremiah would disagree. As he saw his culture descending into a multi-cultural, polytheistic abyss, he urged his generation to return to the "ancient paths," to the path of the covenant made with them when God first delivered them from Egypt. In a later generation, Jesus asserted that He alone was the "Way" to the Father, and the early church was first called followers of "The Way." What path should you follow in life? Watch as Pastor MacLaren takes us through the Andes Mountains of Peru, to the foot bridges of China, to show us that there remains but one ancient path for us to follow.



Complete Worship Service:


Sermon: "Flee Jerusalem!" Jeremiah 6:1-15 Rev. R. Scott MacLaren Could there be any more devastating words than these to the devout Jew: "Flee Jerusalem!" Such a cry might seem treasonous, even as a sign of apostasy, yet it came from the Lord Himself speaking through His prophet Jeremiah. Watch as Pastor MacLaren shows from Jeremiah 6 how God may make the same call today to many who attend outwardly Christian churches.


Special Music: "Spirit of the Living God," Waggoner and MacLaren. Sing to the Lord Hymnal #296-298.


Homily on the Westminster Confession of Faith, WCF 11:3; "Proper, Real, and Full." Pastor MacLaren continues his commentary on the Westminster Confession of Faith, considering the nature of Christ's death as a satisfaction for sin.


Congregational Hymn: "God Is Our Refuge and Strength," Trinity Hymnal #37.


Confession: In High Def: "True Faith Works," WCF 11:2; Pastor MacLaren continues his study in the Westminster Confession of Faith in its chapter on Justification. This commentary was provided on Sept. 20, 2015.


Sermon: "An Act of God," Jeremiah 5:20-31,  Rev. R. Scott MacLaren, 9/20/2015 Pastor MacLaren continues his series of sermons from the prophet Jeremiah.


Complete Worship Svc., 9/20/2015.



Confession, "Faith Doesn't Save!" WCF 11:1b,  Rev. R. Scott MacLaren First OPC Perkasie


Complete Worship Service:


Sermon:  "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" from Jeremiah 5:1-19.  




Complete Worship Service, 



Complete Worship Service, In High Definition,


Confession: "Not Infused, Imputed!" WCF 11:1 Rev. R. Scott MacLaren.


Sermon: "A Lion Stirs," Jeremiah 4:5-18. Rev. R. Scott MacLaren




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